Well, if you are reading this I'm delighted that my resume did not end up lost in the stack of paperwork on your desk! I know your time is limited, so I thank you for setting aside a minute to take a peek at my resume. I encourage you to meander through the links and trust they will paint a better picture of who I am and how I can contribute to your office. Below are the areas of strength in my background that seem most relevant.

  1. Warm, sincere, and professional
  2. Passionate about the total health of people and the environment
  3. Detail-oriented and thorough with an eye for color, shape, and texture
  4. Genuinely interested in disease prevention and life sciences
  5. Enthusiastic and committed
  6. Adaptable: able to readily adjust to different conditions and expectations

I am a registered dental hygienist licensed in Oregon and Washington with restorative, anesthesia and nitrous endorsement. I have experience in a variety of private practices. I am currently an independant temporary dental hygienist. I enjoy the flexibility and freedom this gives me. It has also given me a broad background in dental hygiene from traditional offices to modern state-of-the-art dental practices. I am experienced with multiple dental software programs including Eaglesoft, Dexis and Dentrix. I have worked for some fabulous dentists and they are listed among my references.

I absolutely adore the NW and feel like I'm among the lucky ones who are able to live in such a lush and thoughtful community. I am always looking to find fantastic local dental teams to work with. I welcome the opportunity to share with you additional examples of contributions I can make to your office and look forward to learning more about you and your team. Thanks again for your time.

Bridget Lovern, RDH

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"Patients loved her; she got along well with our staff - fit right in."
- Dr. Brazeau

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