Dental Hygiene Clinical Experience

  • Provided oral prophylactic services with geriatric, pediatric, adolescent, medically compromised patients, and a unique assortment of personality types.
  • Removed calculus, stains and plaque using ultrasonic scalers, hand and rotary instruments.
  • Efficiently took, developed, and interpreted traditional and digital X-rays (sensors and plates).
  • Successfully delivered local anesthetic to a diverse population.
  • Performed thorough oral health assessments, dental cancer screenings, and nutritional counseling.
  • Provided preventative services: effectively applied sealants and fluoride varnish.
  • Documented and presented treatment plans to patients.
  • Placed and finished Class I-V amalgam and composite restorations.
  • Registered and scheduled patients by obtaining biographical, insurance, and health history information.
  • Reviewed and taught home care techniques through demonstration.
  • Ensured patient safety by utilizing radiation protective devices and Standard Infection Control precautions.
  • Confidentially and compassionately interacted with patients and staff.
  • Thoroughly sterilized instruments and promptly sanitized rooms.

Other Relevant experience

  • Organized and ran front office including scheduling, intensive bookkeeping, insurance billing, accounts payable/receivable using Windows, Word, Excel, Outlook, Quicken, Epic (OCHIN), and Eaglesoft
  • Efficiently utilized and updated policies, procedures, and product changes.
  • Maintained and updated Medical Emergency kit.
  • Transcribed doctors’ orders and ensured appropriate forms and signatures were obtained.  Ordered and clarified that all labs and procedures were under way.
  • Professionally balanced multiple priorities with ease.  Interacted with people who need immediate help, while attending to the daily essential job function with limited supervision.
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"Bridget is a very thorough hygienist. She's very organized."
- Danielle Strutner

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